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Abol coffee bags for your business

Coffee bags are a fantastic way to provide your customers or staff with quality freshly roasted ground coffee with the convenience of being brewed in minutes without fuss or mess.

This means that you can offer speciality coffee without the costs or cleaning required with the maintenance of a coffee machine or other coffee making equipment.

Our beans are freshly roasted by experts in our UK Roastery. Each single-serve bag is carefully prepared and individually sealed, for a brew that’s bursting with flavour.

A new way to enjoy speciality coffee

  • Unlike many commercial coffees, our beans are Fairtrade and 100% organic, sourced from sustainable farms that don’t damage the environment.
  • Our coffee bags are prepared with freshly roasted and ground beans and individually sealed for lasting flavour.
  • Each bag contains single-origin Ethiopian arabica and nothing else for an authentic cup of speciality coffee.
  • Simple to use; just add hot water and allow to brew for 2-3 minutes.

Benefits for your business

  • Our bags are light, compact, and made from sturdy bio-web. An ideal solution for travel, outdoor pursuits like camping, the daily commute, hotels and hampers, and busy schedules.
  • Hotel, Guest House or B&B – upgrade your in-room experience with luxury Ethiopian Arabica coffee;
  • Events and conference venues – save on preparation time by just adding hot water in a cup to brew.
  • Enhance the coffee experience in your offices and meeting rooms by offering Abol Coffee to clients.
  • Offer excellent fresh ground coffee in your pubs, restaurants, cafes or garden centres without the need for a coffee machine.

We offer wholesale delivery direct from our roastery or via our distributors. To discuss your requirements, receive a free sample or if you have any queries, please get in touch. We’d love to hear from you.

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