Yirgacheffe Gedio G1 Hand Roasted Coffee Beans


Luxury Hand Roasted Coffee Beans

Looking for your next favourite brew? We’ve got great news for you!

We have a new addition to our coffee range from Ethiopia Yirgacheffe. Ethically sourced from a family-run farm, the Arabica beans are renowned for their exclusive flavour profile. They’re hand-roasted to perfection and available as whole beans or ground; ideal for your cafeteria, filter or Espresso coffee machine.

Because they’re ethically sourced from an individual small-holder farm, they have an exclusive flavour profile.
Exceptional heirloom varietal from Bire’s farm, Gedio District, Yirgacheffe.

Our new Yirgacheffe beans are sourced from expert coffee producer, Bire. His family small-holding is in the Gedio district of Yirgacheffe, a high-altitude region renowned for producing the world’s most sought-after micro lots.

Traditionally produced for superior quality

A pure heirloom varietal flavour, the beans grow wild and are processed using traditional methods passed down the farmer’s family for generations.

Carefully selected beans or ‘cherries’ are washed and carefully prepared. Next, they’re dried in the sun on raised beds for up to 15 days, turned periodically and covered at certain hours in the day to protect them from the elements.
Thanks to the skill and care that Bire and his farmers apply to the drying process, this speciality coffee has a wonderful and unique flavour profile.

A unique flavour profile

Aroma: Sweet, Honey, Caramel & candied Almond.
Flavour notes: Sweet, Clean, Melon, Honey/Maple syrup, Soft lime citrus.
Sweetness: High
Acidity: Low
Body: Medium

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