Hand Roasted Sidamo Coffee Beans


New in stock – Speciality Sidamo coffee beans

We’ve great news for you! We have a new addition to our range: single-origin Ethiopian Sidamo Coffee beans.

Why is Sidamo coffee so special?

Sidamo is a region in Southern Ethiopia made up of fertile highlands. With ample rainfall, an optimal climate and rich volcanic soil, Sidamo has the perfect conditions for growing coffee. Thanks to Sidamo’s altitude, the coffee beans grow more slowly, allowing them to absorb nutrients from the soil and develop more complex flavours.

We select only the finest beans from the region for you to enjoy. Ethically sourced from a family-run farm, these 100% arabica beans are hand-roasted to perfection and available as whole beans or ground – ideal for your cafetiere, filter or espresso machine.

Enjoy ethically sourced coffee

Because we work directly with Sidama Coffee Farmers Cooperative Union, we can guarantee a fair price for the coffee you buy, and ensure the farmers have good working conditions.

Our aim is to support the farmers so they can continue to grow their coffee using environmentally sustainable methods. In return, we reward their efforts with a fair price for their coffee.

Discover a traditional heirloom varietal

Nearly all Ethiopian coffee is grown by cooperatives of smallholder farms (democratic organisations that are open to all farmers) and produced using traditional methods.

Sidamo coffee beans are wet-processed; picked coffee beans (called ‘cherries’) are pressed through a screen using high-pressure water to remove the skin and some of the pulp. The beans are then left to dry in the sun. This traditional method requires very little help from machines – and no harsh pesticides.

An exclusive flavour profile

Sidamo delights the taste buds with notes of Soft jasmine, Lime sweetness, Milk chocolate, and Caramel.

Order today

Would you like to treat yourself to some luxury heirloom Sidamo? We’ll hand-roast your beans to order, ensuring they arrive to you at peak freshness and taste. Supply is limited by season and demand, so we recommend you order soon to avoid disappointment.