Guji Hand Roasted Coffee Beans G1


We are happy to announce the release of this limited edition microlot coffee. It highlights the legacy we hold dear to Haile, the founder of Shakisso and godfather of Guji coffee: a 640-hectare semi-forest farm.

Location: Guji, Sidamo region Ethiopia
Altitude: 2200m
Species: Arabica
Varietal/s: Heirloom
Process: Washed
Taste notes: Candy Fruit, Nectarine, Delicate Floral, Citrus, Juicy

Shakisso Farm

In 2001, Haile reconciled with coffee. Together with his wife and seven daughters, he returned to his coffee roots and made a home in the highlands of Guji, in the Sidamo region. There, he inherited a piece of family land suitable to grow coffee. Haile started to dream big. He spread seedlings among locals and convinced them that this crop would change their lives. In the last fifteen years, Haile saw Guji transform from a cattle farming area to a coffee region. This is due to his pioneering spirit and the cooperation between Tesfaye Bekele (Suke Quto Farm) and Menno Simons (founder of Trabocca). Together with his two friends, Menno and Tesfaye, Haile put Guji coffee on the map. Today, more than 45 washing stations and 55 dry mills have been established since the introduction of coffee in Guji zone.

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