Let Them Drink Coffee

Jan 29, 2021

During these challenging times, we’ve all had to find joy in the smallest of things, whether you have sent someone a note letting them know you’re thinking of them, or given a friend a quick call when you think they might need someone to talk to – It’s the little things that count.

So, last year when we decided to do a BIG coffee run for our NHS workers, we were overwhelmed with the response we received from people around the country, everyone wanted to fuel the NHS with our coffee!

Supporting our NHS Heroes

It’s well known that some NHS workers are not provided with tea or coffee, particularly during this prevailing pandemic; with most of them having to fend for themselves by bringing in their own tea and coffee to work. This is also the case with those in many public sector jobs – At Abol Coffee Co, we wanted to help alleviate this problem and make sure our heroes have a good supply of coffee to get them through the frontline, it might only be a small thought, but according to the workers that received our coffee, they were over the moon.

The frontline is hard, there’s no two ways about it. From what we have seen and heard, our NHS workers can do with more than just a boost of coffee, but we have to start somewhere. It is important for us to show, in some way, how much we appreciate all the work they are currently doing during the pandemic – which is where our coffee donation idea came about.

Our Coffee Initiative

We decided to set up an initiative whereby we delivered as many of our coffee boxes as possible to hospitals and care homes in the UK. However, being a small independent brand, we couldn’t send out as many as we would have liked – this is where you come in. We offered our coffee aficionados 30% off Abol coffee bags if they donated It to NHS frontline workers – not only is this a great gift, it will help give our heroes much needed boost before their shift and during their break

Not only did NHS staff tell us how handy our coffee bags (which are filled with Ethiopian Arabica coffee) are, they also responded by saying how much they enjoyed having an invigorated spring back in their steps!

So, we have decided once again to bring back our NHS Coffee Donation and offer you our esteemed and valued customers the chance to donate Abol Coffee to our NHS heroes.

Donate Online Today

If you would like to donate our coffee to NHS staff in hospitals and care homes, we would love to offer you a 30% discount on all donations and FREE delivery for donations over £25.

All you need to do is add the NHS staff’s name and hospital address at the checkout. Alternatively, we can choose a hospital for you. Please use the Order note section to let us know your preference.

-If you would like to donate, simply click the ‘Donate to NHS’ button.

Let them drink coffee!

I want to say a big thank you for your support and I wish you and your family all the best.